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Worked my fingers down to the bone.

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She parks it in a semi-abandoned parking spot and camps out there for a bit.

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My sigh made my chest shudder, and my throat was raw from coughing and crying.

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Find a place of my own where I don't have to deal with roommates.

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I don't know how long it had been going on, but I hadn't signed up to be with someone who went behind my back like that.

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Why rehash a one-time event that would make it awkward between you and Jolie when it didn't seem to bother you?" "But it did.

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Interspersed with his grunts were broken attempts of my name.

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It helped that I could be anonymous and still get advice.

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Well, history.

"I have been an asshole to you, plain and simple," Dirk shrugged.

One run-in had been enough.

"Is this what you've been wanting, Holly?" "Please, please, please.

"Then you walked through my front door.

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